Natalie Bassingthwaighte Plans Imminent Expansion for Her New Kids Line

Rogue trader Natalie Bassingthwaighte figured having singer, actress, televison personality, autumn racing ambassador, mum and wife on her resume simply wasn’t enough, so she’s gone and started her very own kids wear line called Chi Khi (pronounced cheeky, of course).

Natalie unveiled Chi Khi’s debut clothing and accessories range in Sydney’s Surry Hills yesterday, a monochromatic size 0-4 collection, brought to life as she couldn’t find anything on-point for her own kids, Hendrix, 21 months, and Harper, 4. “I’ve never really been into kids clothing being too cutesy,” she said on Chi Khi’s website. “I love them to be quirky, playful and cool!”

It’s not just the style side of things that’s got Natalie all passionate about kids clothing, either, noting that her two “minis” have sensitive skin which can be hard to dress. “I can’t count the times I’ve bought something for my daughter and she wouldn’t wear it because it was too itchy or uncomfortable,” Natalie explained on Chi Khi’s website. Because of that, the 38-year-old has committed to using the best bamboo and cotton fabrics for the range.

Even though the official launch was just yesterday, Natalie is already talking about expanding the business into other areas. “The plan was to grow the brand into Chi Khi Mini, Chi Khi Kids, Chi Khi Skin and now the demand is there it’s just about pressing play,” she told The Daily Telegraph . “We’ve already developed skincare last year as well which we haven’t pressed go on yet but we trialled it for about six months and it’s unbelievable.”

As for growing the current offering? Well, Daily Mail Australia reports that Natalie’s got her sights on budding fashionista North West. “She’s been rocking the black,” she said of little North. “So I definitely think she’d be a great customer for us.”

Looks like there’s no stopping this pocket-rocket — Natalie, that is. Check out the Chi Khi range for yourself here, and watch the cute little behind-the-scenes video below.

[Via The Daily Telegraph / Daily Mail Australia ]

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