Lisa Wilkinson Failed to Wear the Penis Jacket as Promised

Lisa Wilkinson Today Show

Photo: 9JumpIn

After Natarsha Belling’s penis jacket sent the internet into meltdown earlier this week, fellow presenter Lisa Wilkinson promised to stand up for the sisterhood by wearing the same dick-tastic piece on air this morning.

We guess the Today host got a little shy, because there was a little erectile dysfunction, if you will, when she showed up on set dickless. It’s just that she’d already embraced the chest penis last week, and she needed to give the poor guy a break (at the drycleaners) before gearing him up again.

Look, we’re really not surprised that the penis jacket had to go to the drycleaners. Mess is sometimes made. But don’t they have stylists and assistants for that kind of handiwork? Maybe she was nervous about how she’d measure up to Natarsha’s smooth, fair-skinned and freckleless specimen. It’s a cruel world out there.

Lisa’s pink-striped frock was cute, but it really wasn’t the morning glory we were after.

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