Trevor Noah’s Old Offensive Tweets Come Back to Haunt Him

Just as soon as he was announced as Jon Stewart’s successor for The Daily Show , some eagle-eyed tweeps did a little digging into Trevor Noah’s past tweets, because why not take advantage of a chance to drag someone through the social media mud just as he achieves success? To pass up an opportunity would simply be un-American.

Noah is being called out by the Twitterverse for a few jokes he made that people found to be anti-Semitic and sexist. Throughout the comedian’s timeline, which for some reason wasn’t preemptively scoured of any and all tweets that could be deemed offensive to somebody, are a few quips that left several people less than amused:

Noah has since been called out by several members of the Twitterati, many of whom scoured his old tweets for more juicy fare. Today, Noah reportedly tweeted a response to the uproar that said, “Twitter does not have enough characters to respond to all the characters on Twitter.” The comment has since been deleted.

We’re not sure whether or not this controversy will jeopardize Noah’s new job, but if anything, it proves that all of us should probably be more careful about what we tweet – you never know when you’ll get a big promotion and people will go digging to put all your worst social media moments on blast.

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