Mixed Reviews for Vanessa Paradis on Cover of Vogue Ukraine (Forum Buzz)

We guess the November 2008 cover of Vogue Paris is a hard one to surpass, but Vogue Ukraine tried its best at the very least. Vanessa Paradis stars on the magazine’s newly-released April 2015 cover sporting a shaggy bob teamed with a blush pink lip. The French singer, model and actress was recently unveiled as one of Karl Lagerfeld‘s muses for the latest Chanel handbag collection and also fronted the campaign for the occasion. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Vanessa wears Chanel on Vogue Ukraine’s new cover, which forum members are left undecided about.

Did the team behind the shoot capture Vanessa in her best light? “She looks like Sasha Pivovarova. Looks more of ELLE France than Vogue,” discredited MON.

Benn98 shared the same opinion and echoed, “Uneventful, it indeed looks like an ELLE France cover. Vogue Ukraine has been very devoid of actual fashion, on the covers that is.”

Handbag Queen also failed to show support. “Awful cover. Don’t understand her appeal at all,” she sniggered.

“I saw this a million times! It’s not a good cover for Spring! The background is so dead and Vanessa doesn’t look okay, she seems tired,” narcyza later slammed.

But the rest disagree. “I love this. Everything works imo… the color scheme, the styling, the layout. They Photoshopped her face but still she manages to look more her age,” approved kokobombon.

“Fantastic cover! Paying tribute to Vanessa through the French Lolita/rock vibe is awesome. Works!” noted |PerfectTonight|.

Drab or fab? Add your own two cents on Vanessa’s latest Vogue cover inside the thread here.

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