Watch: Cody Simpson’s New Single About Breaking Up with Gigi Hadid

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid at 2015 Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party

Photo: WENN

We keep trying to push it to the back of our minds, but there was a period last year when Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid broke up. It was super brief, but that was just enough time for Cody to work on a Gigi-inspired tune, Taylor Swift style.

This week Cody dropped the video for the mid-tempo single “New Problems”. It’s actually quite catchy, mind you, and it’s all about moving on to “new girls, new problems”. We’re not assuming or guessing it’s about Gigi, either. Cody himself has owned up to it himself.

The Australian singer confirmed to MTV News that the track was inspired by “the time that Gigi and I broke up for a couple of months.” You’d think the Sports Illustarted mega-babe would be pretty peeved that boo released a song which takes a dig at her GF skills (count your blessings, mate), but apparently it’s all g-g.

Cody told MTV News Gigi was “OK with it”. Maybe she hadn’t hear the lyrics saying things like “You’d do anything to deflate me” and “I’ll never do that again”? Ah, kids these days.

[Via MTV News]

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