Alicia Vikander Is W Magazine’s April Cover Star, Who Would’ve Guessed? (Forum Buzz)

On a regular basis, you’ll hear us ranting that magazines continue to give us the same recycled cover stars. Yet W magazine managed to surprise us by delivering a relatively unknown actress for its April 2015 cover. Alicia Vikander stars on the magazine’s newly-released cover, captured by Willy Vanderperre for W‘s latest installment. On the cover image, the current girlfriend of Michael Fassbender dons a crisp white dress from Louis Vuitton with stylist of the shoot Edward Enninful teaming the creation with a black bow headband by Giambattista Valli. In a bid to spice things up, an eye-catching psychedelic masthead was layered over the conservative cover image.

W Magazine April 2015 Alicia Vikander Willy Vanderperre


Are our forum members impressed? “I love her! I’m glad she’s getting this exposure, hopefully not for her relationship cause she’s excellent as an actress, and I’ve been wanting to learn Danish after A Royal Affair thanks to her,” commented MulletProof.

“Who could’ve guessed? Good job W!” praised t-rex.

Also full of enthusiasm was RanThe: “Great job W! Get her early because she’s going to be everywhere this fall!”

MON couldn’t contain his excitement, either. “I can’t believe I’m about to say this.. but, I finally love a W cover (with the exception of the hair – it could’ve been better). I adore the feminine touch to it especially the printed logo. I also love the vulnerability of the cover and the makeup is on point!”

The rest of us just haven’t the foggiest. “Not familiar with her or her work, but what a plain cover. It’s nice they are supporting fresh talent though!” shared Miss Dalloway.

“I hope she’s more charismatic than that on screen, zZzzZ!” hissed HeatherAnne.

Check out Alicia’s cover story for the issue and share your own opinion with us here.

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