Vivienne Westwood Goes Tribal and Couture for Fall 2014 (Runway Review)


The Inspiration: Charles Frederick Worth, the father of Haute Couture, and Peruvian tribes.

The Look: There was a tribal feel to this season’s Vivienne Westwood collection, a point driven home by the feather-accented accessories and face paint the models walked out with. Wraps, blanket skirts, tunics and tropical prints were complemented by 19th Century-style puffed shoulder coats and off-the-shoulder dresses to tie into the Worth inspiration. The best looks were layered, wrapped and done in a metallic stripe or colorblocked print. As is usually the case with Westwood’s collections, many of the looks were a bit jumbled with too many pieces stacked onto the models' bodies, but taken apart, there were plenty of individual pieces that would add wonderfully unique wardrobe staples to many closets. As for the bridal look this season? It was a white tulle, long-sleeve, high-neck gown — demure were it not completely sheer on top.

The Accessories: 19th Century-style chunky-heeled shoes, many of which were patterned, lace-up boots with chunky heels, head coverings with feather tips and patterned rectangular handbags.

The Beauty: Models had tribal-inspired paint marks on their faces and some also had feathers in their hair.

The Takeaway: Leave it to Westwood to get inspired by Peruvian tribes along with a 19th Century couturier and somehow make it work.

All images: IMAXtree

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