Issey Miyake Lets the Models Dress Themselves for Fall 2014 (Runway Review)

issey m fall 14 landscape

The Scene: A fun show accompanied by live music and models dressing themselves in paper lantern-esque garments.

The Inspiration: Math and paper lanterns.

The Look: The show began with a model, clad in a plain, black dress (with white collar) picking up something that looked kind of like a folded-up paper lantern (pleats, please!). Turns out it was a neat dress, crinkly, striped and with an undulating structure. A few more models followed the opener, dressing themselves similarly (and, let it be noted, while smiling). After that — the period of the show which we will refer to as paper lantern dress time — were pre-dressed models in similar looks, including funnel-necked jackets, maxi skirts and a dress in a nice, striped design. Also, the house's signature left-of-center look, featuring an arm-less cape that projected a tied-up, straitjacket feel along with pleats in every which way and form.

The Accessories: Sleek black booties and a few handbags, including one that only had two sides.

The Beauty: Slicked-back hair and under-eyes lined in sparkly copper.

The Takeaway: The latest from Issey Miyake has us looking at packaged paper lanterns in a whole new way.

All images: IMAXtree

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