Marc Jacobs Goes (Mostly) Minimal for Fall 2014 (Runway Review)


The Scene: Known for his elaborate sets, this season Marc Jacobs had clouds hanging above and Styrofoam seats each topped with a calla lily — very appropriate given the stormy weather looming outside. The real surprise was that Kendall Jenner (of the Kardashian clan) walked in the show. Less surprising, Joe Jonas and Alexa Chung were both front row.

The Inspiration: 70s and minimalism.

The Look: This season's lineup had an eerie Village of the Damned feel to it, especially given the wigged models who almost looked possessed as they strutted on the runway in the clean-lined, long, minimally tailored and minimally embellished clothing that opened the show. The opening tops, for the most part, had deep rounded or V-necklines and were loosely draped. The looks were monochrome or featured two colorblocked shades. The collection then progressed into knit and textured looks that were similarly minimal and 70s in feel given their rusty hues as well as fluid, long and lean silhouettes. Embellishments showed up in the second half with fur making for heavily embroidered oversized sleeves on jackets in gradient colors as well as appliquéd separates and dresses. Closing out the show were wave-like prints that then became 3D via ruffle accents. Leave it to Marc Jacobs to go from one end of the spectrum to the other and somehow pull it off cohesively.

The Accessories: Small structured handbags with long straps as well as over-the-knee and over-the-ankle boots made in a variety of rusty fall hues with metallic accents.

The Beauty: Hair was pencil straight, high-shine and cut to the models’ chins, while makeup was washed out and came complete with bleached brows.

The Takeaway: This season's lineup was an unexpected mix of minimal and heavily embellished looks that were surprisingly wearable and even, at times, romantic despite the austere beauty look with which the collection was shown.

All images: IMAXtree

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