Back to the 60s: Edie Campbell is Vogue Japan’s April Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

Yes, you've read the title right — April issues are starting to come out. The first cover to surface online is Vogue Japan. Patrick Demarchelier shot British model Edie Campbell wearing a Prada dress, which was styled by Nicoletta Santoro. Campbell's hair was styled by James Pecis into a 60s pixie cut, with makeup by Aaron de Mey to complete the look.



From my personal experience on the forums, most members either love or hate Edie Campbell. While I'm not her biggest fan, I do think she looks fantastic here and the direction the team behind the shoot aimed for has done Edie justice.

"After so many months of grunge Edie, 60s Edie is certainly welcome," agreed Melancholybaby.

TREVOFASHIONISTO commented, "I love this cover, reminds of when she had bangs and was marketed as the mod 'it-girl.'"

Nepenthes also shared the same sentiments, "The cover layout is too cluttered but the shot itself is really beautiful. I agree that seeing Edie styled like this is a welcome change. Sometimes I wish she'd grow out her hair again but keep the dark colour and the bangs even though I do like how they styled her hair for this cover."

Not everyone was on board with Edie's revived look with Bertrando3 writing, "Edie is bland for me but here I like the pose/hair/styling by Demarchelier but I still believe she doesn't bring anything to her modeling pictures, she just hangs there."

Check out the thread and voice your own opinion here.

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