5 Spring Closet Essentials from INC International Concepts at Macy’s


If your goal for the new year was of the more sartorial variety — say, tidying up your wardrobe a bit and adding a few posh pieces to the mix — then we've got you covered with five essentials from INC International Concepts at Macy's.

Start with the basics. A selection of simple tops with a twist steer your wardrobe in a slightly different direction without pulling you completely out of your comfort zone. The Long-Sleeve Striped Mesh Sweater ($59.50) feels suitably bold thanks to its sheer inset panel, but still feels down to earth with its classic pattern. Pair it with your favorite can't-live-without-them jeans and you'll be golden.

Don't let said jeans be the end-all-be-all of your wardrobe, though. A pair of Mixed-Media Skinny Pants ($44.99) will send shock waves through your closet with their coated, leather-like side panels. Balance the edgy feel with a relaxed, lengthy top for an effortlessly cool look.

What would any wardrobe upgrade be without a pair of new (and very versatile) shoes? These Zaphire Ankle Strap Pumps ($79.50) are absolutely to die for with their shiny leather uppers and sexy ankle straps. Polished and graceful, they'll turn heads come nightfall, but are totally appropriate to rock at the office.

Into every new wardrobe, a little personality must be injected. Introduce this Two-Row Bib Necklace ($29.50) to the mix and consider the deed done. With oversized black and white faceted stones and crystals competing for the spotlight, this adventurous necklace redefines statement jewelry.

Any wardrobe would benefit from a punctuation mark or two to liven things up. The Draped Perforated Faux Leather Jacket ($78.99) is the life and soul of any look, thanks to a sexy silhouette accented by an on-trend perforated pattern and chic asymmetrical hem. Paired with jeans or thrown on over a sheath dress, it instantly makes anything look more exciting.

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