Terry Tsiolis Photographs Isabeli Fontana for Vogue Russia (Forum Buzz)

Isabeli Fontana is looking ready for anything fronting the latest cover of Vogue Russia. For the August 2014 edition, we see Isabeli wearing a Dolce & Gabbana sequined dress with embellished shoulder detailing as she pulls at her ponytail while looking fiercely down the lens for Terry Tsiolis. The cover marks Isabeli’s first for the Russian publication, even though the Brazilian beauty now has 48 Vogue covers under her belt.

Vogue Russia August 2014 Isabeli Fontana Terry Tsolis


Members of our forums have mixed feelings regarding the cover. “Lovely cover! Isabeli looks great, good job Vogue Russia!” writes alonsoJonathan.

“She is giving FFFFAAAAAACCCCCCCCCEEEEEE!! OMG she looks unbelievably fierce, this is how it’s done girls,” commented an extremely satisfied marsnoop2.

Elfinkova shared the same positive attitude: “Wow this is nice! Dislike the text but the image makes up for it.”

On the other hand, some forum members weren’t so forgiving and disliked the cover. “Somehow this looks too zoomed in, it doesn’t work, of course she is gorgeous as ever, but I bet there were more cover worthy shots!” shares Miss Dalloway.

GlamorousBoy wasn’t feeling the cover, either and posted, “It is not bad, but it looks a bit dated to me.”

“Unfortunately, Isabeli just has the same facial expression in most of the photographs,” proclaimed ALAUU.

Isabeli’s cover story for the issue has already been posted inside the thread. Check it out and join the discussion here.

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