Steal Their Style: Summer Musical Festival Icons

The summer music festival scene brings together a host of rockers, starlets, models and groupies mingling among the masses in the great outdoors. It’s a time of year across North America and Europe that celebrates peace, love and cut-offs with a raucous crowd that’s keeping the hippie vibe alive in the present day. Whether A-list attendees are getting down and dirty in the mud at Glastonbury or soaking up the California sunshine in the desert at Coachella, these stylish celebrities set the standard for noteworthy festival fashion.

With undeniably chic roots, festival fashion has fused flower child, bohemian spirits with rocker babe appeal since its inception at Woodstock. Now, this modern Woodstock 2.0 is an important trend breeding ground full of feathered headdresses, crochet vests, fringed hems, midriff-baring tops, crowning floral headbands and flowing maxi dresses. Finding your music festival muse is easy if you turn to veterans like Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger and Alessandra Ambrosio. Steal a page from their stylebooks with some of the pieces below and channel your own version of bohemian beauty at any outdoor event this season.

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