How to Wear Leather in the Summer

Even though the weather is warming up, there’s no reason leather needs to take a seasonal hiatus from your wardrobe rotation. Upon first thought, we were skeptical of this trend — the mere idea of wearing leather in the sweltering heat and humidity made us sweat. If the thought of wearing leather in the height of summer also gets you hot under the collar, think again. The runways played host to a range of clever options in lightweight, tissue-thin hides proving that leather is no longer reserved solely for winter. We get that sporting leather in the summer is much like wearing a bikini in a blizzard, but hear us out! When done right, this slick, supple fabric can have you looking and feeling cool under the sun. Perforated treatments, laser-cut finishes, cropped cuts and fine skins give way to the summer sensibility of sporting warm weather leather for sultry style no matter the temperature.

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