5 Party-Ready College Outfit Inspirations

From frat ragers to group study get-togethers over pizza, college is like one party after another — but when you live on the same campus as your entire social circle, it’s easy to get stuck in an outfit rut. No one wants to show up to a kegger looking like they’re going to the club, but you also don’t want to appear as if you just came from the library. Differentiate your laid-back dining hall and classroom outfits from your going-out looks by keeping a few pieces on reserve for party time, like a statement necklace, leather jacket or neon heels. The important thing to keep in mind when planning what to wear to a college party is the setting. If you know that professors will be present at an event, put a little extra polish into your outfit and dress appropriately. For a more relaxed get-together, you can pull out your funkier pieces or go with 3:00 a.m.-friendly cozy layers. And if you’ll be setting foot inside a frat house, make sure you wear something you won’t mind getting beer spilled on.

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