Kate Upton’s September Cover of UK Elle ‘Bores to Death’ (Forum Buzz)

She has steadily become a force to be reckoned with in the world of modeling and now Kate Upton has scored an all-important September cover. The American beauty stars on UK Elle‘s latest installment posing on a studio floor wearing an outfit from Prada‘s Fall 2014 collection. Photographed by Matt Jones, Kate is also featured inside the magazine wearing the season’s most coveted looks from the likes of Christian Dior, Burberry and Chloe.

UK Elle September 2014 Kate Upton Matt Jones


Unfortunately, the cover hasn’t gone over well with our forum members. “I am very disappointed… it bores me to death,” wrote GlamorousBoy.

“It really is boring. Matt Jones usually does more fun stuff, outside of the studio. Hope the editorial will be more like that,” posted an optimistic KateTheGreatest.

LastNight is left unimpressed and commented, “It’s a nice shot of Kate and she looks beautiful – it’s just not a great shot for a cover. This new design Elle has going on is awful, it looks so cheap and ruins any image they use. A few years back they were producing really lovely covers with much nicer design, now it’s all so…forgettable and dull.”

Another non-admirer was honeycombchild: “Hm. I’m not a fan, and the angle doesn’t look too flattering on her face. How [un]eventful for a September cover.”

“Bit of a dull cover for a September issue, and the angle of the picture isn’t the greatest. Shame really, I’ve liked other covers I’ve seen with Kate Upton, she’s quite pretty. Hopefully the editorial is much nicer,” said an unsatisfied YoninahAliza.

“It does look like a catalogue shot no question about it, uneventful. I’m still struggling to understand Upton’s appeal…” declared Abracadabra.

Who’s betting there’s a more compelling image of Kate inside the magazine that would have made for a better cover? Await the content and share your own opinion here.

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