Buy or DIY: This Season’s Frayed Hem Trend

Coming undone this season is incredibly chic, and we don’t mean losing your cool under the blazing hot sun and soaring temperatures. As witnessed at Jen Kao, Marios Schwab and Marques Almeida, loose, scissor-snipped hems, whether they’re fine and straggly or full and tattered, are a DIY dream. Give your denim and tweeds a dose of laid-back, relaxed and ultimate cool girl charm by trimming off the hems and letting them fray. Artfully undone, razor-frayed edges add just the right amount of imperfection, offering that I-woke-up-like-this look for effortless dressing. The best part: It won’t cost a cent, provided you have a sharp pair of scissors handy. You can also buy items that are already frayed, like the following must-haves.

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