Numéro’s August Cover with Amanda Murphy Receives Rave Reviews (Forum Buzz)

French Numero‘s #155 August issue is one of the latest to surface on our forums and with a cover girl like Amanda Murphy, you know you’re going to get something dynamic. Photographed by Numéro regular, Greg Kadel, Amanda is shot against a vivid orange and yellow gradient backdrop, which adds to the drama of the cover image. The American model wears a sports-inspired headpiece teamed with a collared top for the engaging cover shot, styled by Bill Mullen.

Numero #155 August 2014 Amanda Murphy Greg Kadel


Members of our forums just cannot get enough of the cover. “My goodness, I’m not even a fan of Amanda but I must admit to this being one fantastic cover. I’m sold,” wrote Abracadabra.

“Wow what a striking and edgy cover! Amanda is definitely cementing her position as one of the best new girls!!” enthused lukechapman.

Forum member anlabe32 is also on board and simply stated, “That’s one striking cover!”

“Great cover. Very striking. This is the first time that Amanda actually looks good,” posted a surprised MyNameIs.

Members are even satisfied with the contents of the new issue. “Numéro is alive!! I’ve seen all the content and I’m so getting this issue,” posted Abracadabra.

Psylocke does not share their sentiments, though: “I’m not super impressed with the cover and the main ed. It’s so over-styled but doesn’t really achieve much at that, and Amanda has the same vacant expression in every shot. The whole thing could have been good, but the end result leaves me cold.”

The thread has already been provided with HQs of the contents. Check out the fashion stories and share your own opinion here.

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