Why is Mamamia’s Rosie Waterland Comparing Herself to Sydney Fashion Blogger?

You might know Sydney Fashion Blogger, otherwise know as Antoinette Marie. Yes, that is her real name. She’s got a whopping 817,000 Instagrammers who follow her every move, outfit and shoe purchase, and is what you could rightly call kind of a big deal. Mamamia’s Rosie Waterland, on the other hand, is a big deal thanks to her hilarious way with words, which include, but are not limited to, The Bachelor recaps that literally made us cry with fits of laughter week by week.

Last night the pair crossed paths, or posters at least, to enjoy the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey premiere in Sydney last night. Rosie was there to provide what is destined to be one of the greatest reviews of the year, while Sydney Fashion Blogger was probably there to make some fashion PR companies happy on the red carpet (she was wearing Witchery and Constantina the Label, FYI).

We don’t say that as a dig. It’s just, for the most part, what Sydney Fashion Blogger does: blog about fashion. The distinction between their lifestyles was made terribly clear when Rosie took a selfie with a poster of Mr Grey’s behind at the event, and positioned it alongside a photo of Sydney Fashion Blogger with the same poster earlier than night.

While Rosie struggles to get Mr Grey in the frame (a selfie stick might’ve done the trick) as her hand will only extend so far, Sydney Fashion Blogger strikes a pose, champagne in hand, wearing a top that could easily be mistaken as lingerie. “I think someone is way better at this red carpet stuff than me.” read Rosie’s post.

It garnered a bit of “haha” from the commenters, but the point of the matter is that you don’t have to wear lipstick and racy outfits to have your voice heard. Fashionistas admire Sydney Fashion Blogger’s outfit choices, and those with a sense of humour enjoy Rosie’s opinions. But there’s no need for the comparison because these two women are amazing in their own rights, red-carpet know-how or not.

Sydney Fashion Blogger is yet to chime in even though she was tagged, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she felt like Rosie was taking the piss. Besides, isn’t that what most of her recaps are all about?

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