Expert Tips on How to Avoid Mascara Mishaps

image: Imaxtree

image: Imaxtree

No need to let a little runny eye makeup ruin your day! Whether you’re struggling with smudging or combating a case of spider lashes, there is a solution in sight. We turned to two seasoned makeup artists to get the dirt on how to deal with common mascara mishaps, so your peepers can be picture perfect.

Smudged Mascara

The bad news first: If you have long, luscious lashes (a great problem to have, BTW!), there’s no real way to avoid smudging. You can remove those pesky black blotches from your eyelids and beneath the eyes pretty easily, though. Celebrity makeup artist Marina Gravini recommends waiting for the smudges to dry completely. “Then take a dry mascara wand and brush it lightly and it won’t ruin your shadow,” she says. As for those bottom smudges, Gravini advises doing your eyes first, so any mishaps can quickly be cleaned up with a cotton swab. “Once your makeup is on, make sure to powder adequately underneath the eyes or use a waterproof under eye concealer to prevent smudging.”

Mascara Clumps

We all get mascara clumps from time to time, but turns out, there’s a much better way to handle the situation than using your fingers to literally pluck them out (guilty as charged!). Instead, if your lashes start to get clumpy, makeup artist Jonny Polizzi suggests wiping your mascara wand off with a paper towel and combing out any unwanted goop with your newly clean wand. Remember to get rid of any excess mascara on the wand prior to applying and to apply your mascara properly (use only two coats and start at the base of your lashes and wiggle upward) to avoid the problem in the first place.

Spidery Eyelashes

Can’t remember the last time you purchased a brand new tube of mascara? Well, that could be the culprit right there. “Usually, when you get spidery eyelashes, it’s because you have an old mascara or you’re putting on too many coats,” points out Gravini. Two coats is her max. For fuller lashes, you’ll definitely want to try a different formula. “If you’ve already attained the dreaded spider lash, put a drop of water on your mascara wand and put it back into your mascara,” she instructs. “The formula should now be thin enough for you to pick through your lashes and fix it.”

Mascara Dots

Steer clear of irritating mascara marks and dots above and below your eyes by using a lash guard. “It’s a small piece of plastic that forms to almost every eye shape, creating a barrier between the product and the skin,” describes Polizzi. Another tried-and-true method he swears by is taking a blending eyeshadow brush and dusting a little black eyeshadow on your lashes right after you put on your mascara. “This helps to absorb some of the moisture from the fresh coat of mascara,” he explains.

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