TOMS Launches One for One Handbag Collection

Ladies, make room in your closets (or accessories walls, or pristine shelving systems—whichever works!): Today, TOMS is launching its bag collection, and keeping with company tradition, the product will give back to society in a major way. For every bag bought, TOMS will provide a pregnant woman in need with a birth kit, so her child may come into the world in healthy, sanitary conditions. TOMS says that these are the first “one for one” products that are meant to save lives. But let’s stress the main point: TOMS is launching bags! We’re just a little excited about this news.

The handcrafted bags were inspired by the work of local handbag artists from Latin America, Africa and South Asia, an influence you can clearly see in the beaded, tasseled and woven motifs permeating the collection. There are travel bags, tech accessories and artisanal options with prices ranging from $28 to $298. Just in time for all of us to start thinking ahead to our spring wardrobes.

The bag range is available now on and in TOMS stores. Get thee shopping!

via theFashionSpot » The Buzz

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