Watch: The Only Australian Super Bowl Commercial

Contrary to our clogged social feeds, Katy Perry’s outfits weren’t the only noteworthy thing from Sunday’s Super Bowl. Amidst the advertising hoo-ha, Michael Hill Jewellers acted as the only Australian brand to slot in an ad during the commercial decadence that was.

The 30-second clip really yanks at the heartstrings, and could even jerk a tear if you’re the emotional type, by asking over 1,200 New Yorkers all about love. The result is moving, showing love in all its forms, and the lengths we would go to for that thing that makes the world go round. Some would fight for it, cheat for it, turn for it and die for it, but something’s telling us Micheal Hill wants us to go out and buy jewellery for it.

Michael Hill International’s Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Talcott, said of the “We’re for Love” concept in a news release, “Super Bowl offers us a unique opportunity to showcase our brand in front of millions of people.” He added, “We’ve been working on this campaign for over a year now and have invested a substantial amount in the development of the platform – so to be able to launch it in key markets during the Super Bowl is very exciting.”

Considering so many people were exposed to the message, we’re glad it’s a positive one which makes us feel all fluttery and gooey inside. We don’t think it would’ve snapped up a highly sought-after position if it wasn’t an idea worth sharing. Spread the love, you guys, and watch the video for yourself below.

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