Whitney Port’s Business Know-How Scores Her a Renegade Collective Cover

Photo: Renegade Collective

Photo: Renegade Collective

When the name Whitney Port comes to mind, many of us think to the unforgettable facials she’d exchange with Lauren Conrad at the Teen Vogue office in The Hills, or her intimate forehead sex with Miranda Kerr’s ex-boyfriend Jay Lyon in The City.

But her MTV stardom isn’t what scored her a cover on entrepreneurial magazine Renegade Collective. In fact, the glossy’s editor-in-chief, Lisa Messenger, admits that she’s never watched one episode of the supposed-reality shows.

“Despite the fact that I’m not generally a reality television fan, and my knowledge of celebrities is notoriously sketchy, I know exactly who Whitney Port is,” Lisa explained to theFashionSpot. “She’s a fashion designer. A businesswoman.”

Lisa particularly admires how Whitney climbed her way up the rickety ladder of the fashion industry, from lunch-grabbing intern to business owner, something she says Renegade Collective readers “can relate with an aspire to”.

For Whitney’s interview, Renegade Collective was more interested in what went on behind the lavish work trips to Paris and budding high-profile office friendships we so hopelessly watched on TV, finding out the nitty-gritty details of how the leggy blonde has turned herself and her label, Whitney Eve, into one heck of a brand.

That’s right, it’s time to forget Whitney’s reality TV fame and finally get in touch her, ah, real reality, by picking up a copy of Renegade Collective from a news stand now.

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