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If you rely on makeup to play up your eyes, you know that your eyelashes are only as good as your mascara. But what does your mascara depend on, besides a killer formula? It all comes down to the wand, and there’s so much more to a mascara wand than meets, well, the eye.

Take a glance at several different mascara wands and you’ll notice one very significant difference: The bristles vary dramatically from wand to wand. Bristle shape largely determines the outcome of how your mascara will dramatize your eyelashes.

The Straight Wand

The classic straight wand is a foolproof, easy-to-use tool that is available in varying levels of thickness. A thinner wand is ideal for the woman with naturally thick eyelashes. A thicker eyelash does not necessarily require the oomph that a volume-building brush delivers, but the thin wand still gives lashes the star treatment they deserve. Lashes are separated and beautifully defined as well as lengthened and thickened depending on the formula.

The Thick Wand

Those who want to plump up their eyelashes will benefit from thick, straight mascara brushes. Thick bristles add extra volume to lashes and give them a plush appearance that would make magazine cover models envious. If exaggerated lashes aren’t your thing, opt for a brush of medium thickness for a more natural finish.

The Comb Wand

Most women are unfortunately familiar with the dreaded clumpy eyelash. It comes either as a result of smudged makeup or a goopy formula, and in neither case is it a pretty sight. The solution? Try a comb mascara wand, which literally rakes product through your eyelashes and evenly coats each lash for a clean look. Clumps are ancient history and lashes are naturally defined.

The Curved Wand

When the curved mascara wand was introduced, it was to the great exaltation of the beauty world. Lashes suddenly had a whole new look to enjoy and it was all thanks to this shapely brush. Ideal for straight lashes, curved wands add significant curl and can even lend the eye area a more refreshed, awake appearance. The key is to apply mascara with the curved side pressed against the lashes, gently stroking upward in a slight side to side motion to yield a shapelier lash.

The Tapered Wand

Never underestimate the power of the tapered wand, which is a simple yet highly effective tool for invigorating lackluster lashes. With its thick base and small tip, it’s versatile enough to achieve almost any look — think dramatic cat eyes with played up corners or intricately defined individual lashes. The slimmer end is ideal for focusing on those hard-to-reach areas, while the thick side instantly fattens lashes.

The Spherical Wand

It’s the tools that look a little offbeat that add something special to the mix. A wand with a spherical end offers a completely newfangled approach to applying mascara. The ball at the end is sized just right for separating lashes, and since it’s generally on the small side, it’s easy to grab and coat each lash. The result: Seriously standout eyes that pop.

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