Ruby Rose Won’t Be Wearing a Dress at Her Upcoming September Wedding

We all know by now that Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl are getting married. The pair publicly share their affections for one another, whether it’s making out onstage at this year’s Gay Pride Festival or posting pics of Phoebe’s engagement ring to Instagram, so we’re pretty clued in that these two are loved up and on their way to the altar.

We were even given a rough date this week, with Ruby writing to her Instagram, “And in September they shall be married.. despite all odds.. despite and because of,” with a photo of Phoebe lying next to her.

What we don’t know, however, is how the whole thing is going to go down. Where will they get married? Who will the guests be? And most importantly, what will the brides wear? Well, we can tell you what Ruby won’t be wearing, and that’s a wedding dress.

Ruby’s just posted a photo of herself in a white, strapless dress alongside Phoebe in a neon, off-the-shoulder number to her Instagram. But the photo wasn’t important because the pair just have their hands all over each other like every other social media post of theirs. The caption, on the other hand, was quite informative.

“That one time we did a shoot and it become 100 percent real that I would never wear a dress at my wedding hahaha,” Ruby wrote. We know the traditional wedding gown went out the window once Olivia Palermo rocked shorts and a sweater on her big day, and now we can’t help but wonder what Ruby will come up with.

We’ve probably been too busy brainstorming what Phoebe, who owns her own ethical clothing line called Faircloth & Supply , is going to whip up. Will Ruby play groom to Phoebe’s bride? All we can do is wait for the next clue to be given away. Knowing how adamant the two are about sharing details of their love life, something tells us we’ll get more crucial wedding info soon.

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