Did Cheyenne Tozzi Just Do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Without Ice?

Cheyenne Tozzi ALS Ice Bucket

Photo: Instagram

Cheyenne Tozzi has joined in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fun after being nominated by Sir Philip Green‘s daughter, Chloe Jade Green. One thing was definitely missing, though, and that was the ice. We’re just going off the thousands of people who have taken on the challenge before her, but we’re pretty sure the ice is what actually makes the task all the more challenging and mildly entertaining.

Cheyenne nominated her fellow Australia’s Next Top Model team, including Jennifer Hawkins, Didier Cohen and Alex Perry, but one judge wasn’t too impressed with her efforts. “I SEE NO ICE….. THERE MUST BE ICE!!!!!!!” Alex commented on the post. Cheyenne didn’t really defend herself in response, instead just telling Alex to “do it.” Alex reiterated Cheyenne’s forgoing of the ice, by replying, “OH I WILL…. WITH ICE!!!!!”

Cheyenne Tozzi ALS

Photo: Instagram

At this point, Jennifer, Didier and Alex haven’t taken on the challenge. If their attempts go anything like Cheyenne’s, the videos will consist of awkward cowering, hysterical laughing and a little bit of swearing. Watch the video below for yourself, and let us know your opinion on doing this challenge without the ice. The water tipped over Cheyenne could’ve been warm, and we’ll never know.

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