Alex Perry Surprisingly Fits Courtney Love Amid Her Australian Tour

Alex Perry creates glamorous, elegant and sparkly pieces, right? So, we can’t imagine what he’d be able to whip up for the likes of Courtney Love. But the 50-year-old rocker and the Aussie designer have met up for a fitting amid her Australian tour, so we’re thinking she could be rocking some Alex Perry for her remaining concerts in Newcastle, Canberra and Sydney.

Alex posted a snap of himself and Courtney with their distinctive cheekbones thrust up against each other, complete with matching duck faces. At least we think that’s the look they were going for, but it’s always hard to tell with Courtney’s pout. The caption read, “@courtneylove I THINK IM IN LOVE!!!! BEST FITTING EVER!!!! #courtneylove #alexperry.”

Courtney followed suit with a much blurrier photo of the pair and a caption reading, “Aussies only ( and fabulous !) couturier! @alexperry #alexperry.” We knew that Alex was going for a younger, edgier look for his latest collections, but the news of him dressing Courtney has got our heads in a spin. It’s the last label we’d pick for her rough and grungy style. Let’s just hope no one throws a beer on her while sporting one of Alex’s designs because that would be a crying shame.

via theFashionSpot » The Buzz

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