Vogue Turkey Misses the Mark with Freja Beha Erichsen Cover (Forum Buzz)

Forum members have been complaining about Vogue Turkey for the past few months, questioning the decline in creativity, and now we finally know the reason why. According to Housseyin in our forums, the magazine is under a brand new creative team. Vogue Turkey kicks off 2015 with a cover shot by Cass Bird featuring Freja Beha Erichsen perched on a tree looking rather…homeless.

Vogue Turkey January 2015 Freja Beha Erichsen

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The majority of us aren’t fans of the magazine’s efforts this month. “It’s BAD. Looks like Italian Marie Claire with all these texts and awful choice of colors. And the most important thing — the styling is hideous,” slammed Srdjan.

“It’s like an awful cover of French ELLE. I love Freja but this is [a] disaster. Hate her hair too,” added fluxxx, also not showing much appreciation for the cover.

Nymphaea wasn’t a fan, either and also commented on Freja’s hair: “Her hair is a disaster and the cover is not cover worthy.” Ouch!

“A homeless looking person on the cover of Vogue! Freja will never give me any emotion whatsoever. She looks like she died 5 days ago. So cold and lifeless,” alonsoJonathan disapproved inside the thread.

We can’t remember when a cover of Vogue looked this bad. “What an awful cover. Freja looks terrible especially this hair. Yellow font doesn’t help too. It’s just bad. Really bad,” noted narcyza.

Omnis agreed and echoed, “Awful styling, awful hair, awful colors.”

We have some dreadful reviews for Turkish Vogue‘s cover this month, but do you agree? Check out Freja’s editorial and share your opinion with us here.

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