Tom Ford Stars in His Own Fragrance Campaign, Vain or Innovative? (Forum Buzz)

By now, we’re used to seeing designers front their own campaigns. Jason Wu has become a regular face of his own namesake brand, Vivienne Westwood once posed alongside Pamela Anderson in Fall 2009 and it’s pretty well-known that Tom Ford prefers to star in his own advertising campaigns. This time around, the American fashion designer and one-time film director smolders in the new Noir Extreme spots, released on our forums over the weekend. Ford reclines in a stylish chaise longue wearing a crisp white shirt with the buttons undone as he entices us to try the new fragrance, which can be pre-ordered from Ford’s website now.

Ad Campaign Tom Ford Noir Extreme


Are our forum members impressed with Ford’s new ad? “Handsome guy, lovely to see him,” Nymphaea enthused the minute the shot surfaced.

“He’s attractive, but he’s getting more pretentious that kills his appeal little by little,” added OllieJE, unsure about the designer’s presence.

Miss Dalloway shared the same sentiments: “The man is a star, such presence! But I feel like I have seen this shot before, it’s very familiar, they could have done something different with him. He still sells it though!” Job done, right?

Also feeling the same was Thefrenchy, who echoed, “I love how they cropped the forehead to hide his receding hairline. He’s very sexy in the photo, though.”

Forum member justaguy agreed: “Don’t care for Tom posing in his own ads. Yes, he’s good-looking, but he’s got the same look whether it’s an ad, campaign, cover, etc.”

[Piece Of Me] basically wasn’t bothered: “Not the most original shot and I feel like we’ve seen it all before, but honestly who cares? So sexy!”

Do you think it’s pretentious of Ford to front his own campaigns, or just downright genius? Share your opinion with us here.

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