Cody Simpson Celebrates “Wild” 18th Birthday with Gigi Hadid, Biebs and More

Cody Simpson just turned the big 1-8 and partied with the best of them to celebrate his birthday milestone on Sunday, January 11, in Malibu. We’re still getting our head around his ripe young age too, don’t worry.

His 20-year-old girlfriend, the one and only Gigi Hadid, was there to celebrate in her sexiest leather-clad ensemble, alongside Jaden Smith, Miley Cyrus, Patrick Schwarzenegger and budding model Justin Bieber, who graced guests with his newest gun pose in an army-print jacket and black wide-brim hat.

The festivities took place at what Cody’s sister, Alli, and mum, Angie, like to call “#codyscoasthouse” in Malibu, meaning the Australian heartthrob couldn’t legally get on the drink unlike in his homeland. That doesn’t mean shit didn’t get cray, though. Check out what he had to say on his Instagam:

Looks like he’s all dried up now and has a replacement phone, because he’s been posting a couple of snaps since that spiel. Happy birthday, Cody!

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