Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Hot Brother Is Modeling Now

It’s not really surprising that a genetically blessed model might have an equally blessed brother, but you know, hotness doesn’t run in every family. In the case of the Huntington-Whiteley’s though, it definitely does.

Meet Toby Huntington-Whiteley, the 24-year-old brother of model Rosie, who is trying his hand at modeling himself. And thank goodness he is, because it would be a darn shame not to share all that with the world. Toby stars in a campaign for menswear retailer Jacamo, his first time posing for a major modeling gig.

Photographer Joseph Sinclair captured young Toby, whose full lips are a dead giveaway that he and Rosie are kin. By day, Huntington-Whiteley works at London’s Workshop Gymnasium as a Performance Specialist, but we’re thinking the guy’s got the chops to quit his day job.

[h/t Telegraph]

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