The Bachelor’s Sam Frost is Selling her $58,000 Engagement Ring

Most of us have moved on from the saga that was The Bachelor Australia, and now Sam Frost wants to as well. Three months after fiancé Blake Garvey left her and ran into the arms of the next blondie in line for his undeserving heart, Louise Pillidge, Sam has decided it’s time to get rid of the $58,000 engagement ring for good.

The bogan Australia grew to love, while she dated the same love rat as 20-plus other women, took to her blog, The Language of Sam, to tell everyone, “It’s time to get this thing out of my life.”

In a post titled ‘It Wasn’t Even April Fools Day’, Sam refers to Blake as a “guy who pulled a hilarious prank” on her, and that she’d like to put the “joke” behind her once and for all.

The thing is, she feels “selfish” keeping all the cash to herself, so has claimed to pay off her credit card debt and parking fines and then give the remaining amount to charity. She also doesn’t know how to go about selling the expensive Bunda sparkler, posing the question to her readers: “Ebay ????”

If you’ve got a suggestion as to how Sam should sell the bad memory, jump onto her blog and let her know. She clearly needs some help.

[Via The Language of Sam]

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