7 Of-the-Moment Updates to the Classic Crisp White Shirt

Clean, crisp, classic. The white button down shirt is a style staple that knows no bounds and transcends all. It’s the most worn, most cherished and least trendy garment in one’s closet, yet the white shirt is one the fashion-forward set can’t seem to get enough of. Recognized as the workingwoman’s uniform along side her power suit, the white shirt also belongs to the schoolgirl, the full-time mother and more. The power of plain ensures this chicly, understated staple is as buttoned up and unbuttoned as you wish. The question then lies in how to refresh and reinvent it season after season. This fall, designers rose to the challenge with a number of new shapes and silhouettes in re-cut revamps to prove simple sophistication is always very much in style. Reinterpret a timeless silhouette once more with these contemporary remixes of the classic, crisp white shirt to reveal that the menswear-inspired original is just as wearable as before.

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