Vogue China’s December Covers Are a ‘Gorgeous Way’ to End the Year (Forum Buzz)

The December issues are starting to come in thick and fast. Xiao Wen Ju (whose cover is pictured below) and Fei Fei Sun star on not one, but two fantastic covers for Vogue China’s December issue with both Chinese models posing for Tim Walker’s lens. Each cover comes complete with a stark white background, as the girls sport porcelain skin with minimal makeup and each wears an intriguing ensemble for maximum effect.

Vogue China December 2014 Tim Walker


Our forum members are currently debating which one is their favorite. “Very good looking covers, the red pops of course,” commented Nymphaea.

“Xiao Wen’s cover really stands out because it’s red and the dress but Fei Fei’s expression is spot-on and absolutely draws me into her eyes,” shared TaylorBinque.

Cosmic Voices suggested, “Put Fei Fei in the red dress and you’d have a spectacular stand alone cover.” Then he went on to write, “That being said both are very strong, the first will be incredibly eye-catching on the stands.”

Miss Dalloway proclaimed, “It’s all about Xiao, who perfectly pulls it off. Fei Fei’s shot doesn’t look very cover worthy.”

“These are absolutely amazing, especially Xiao Wen’s,” responded Luxx, agreeing that Xiao’s version is the strongest.

Also feeling the same way was Melancholybaby: “Xiao Wen Ju’s cover is perfect. So eye-catching and season-appropriate.”

“I want Fei Fei’s cover right now! GORGEOUS way to end a great year for Vogue China! Congrats!” raved a more than satisfied miguelalmeida.

Join the discussion and tell us your favorite cover inside the thread here.

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