Everyone’s Undies are Showing, and We’re Not Sure How to Feel About it

We’re not sure why, but everyone has a penchant for showing their underwear lately. Whether it’s on the runway, the streets, parties or red carpets, girl are opting for sheer skirts, dresses and pants which draw attention to their intimates.

Sure it might look good on leggy supermodels, who are more often than not the ones to turn to this trend, but if you’re not daring or confident in your own body, you don’t stand a chance in the revealing style. Not to mention that-time-of-the-month dramas or the off chance that all your good underwear is in the washing machine.

It seems like more hassle than it’s worth, but we’ll let you decide if you like the look of the trend with our gallery below. If you do decide it’s for you, there’s a couple of online options in there too.

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