Bringing a Plus-One? What He Should Wear to the Wedding (Besides a Tux)

It's that time again. You know, when you start getting large, flat, envelopes in the mail made from high-quality paper. The ones that contain an invitation to bring a plus-one and celebrate the nuptials of a couple you know. Some people like to call it wedding season. And while you've been keeping up on what's happening in wedding guest (and bridesmaid) attire, your date is less likely to have done so.

Why not help him out a little and provide some inspiration for what to wear on your best friend's big day? You want your man looking dapper, and whether or not he's willing to admit to it, we bet he does too. We pulled together four wedding looks for guys that will have him feeling every bit the handsome man he is. He might even be more willing to hit the dance floor, knowing he looks so good.

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