The Everygirl Guide to Festival Dressing

It'd be nice to buy a pair of teeny tiny cut-off denim shorts that barely cover our backside a la Kate Moss or Alexandria Ambrosio on her way to Glastonbury. Or a crochet bralet that offers zero support. Maybe even pick up a tie-dye tee so cut-up it's barely covering us. It would be nice, wouldn't it? Actually, the more we think about it, why would we want to run around an outdoor music festival half naked? Let the supermodels get their sunburn on and be totally covered in mud head to toe in their little clothes.

A better plan for festival dressing might be to actually try to pair class with our bohemian vibes and bring back real style instead of looks that seem to have come from a bad 70s-themed Halloween party. Lightweight wide-leg pants keep things breezy and comfortable and make us think of Ali McGraw instead of the cast of Boogie Nights. Our crochet top is lined where it counts. Bangles, pretty chiffon maxi dresses, fringe details and easy printed shorts are all on the festival detail. Get your inspiration below — and don't be surprised if someone turns away from the barely-dressed model off-duty standing next to you in line and asks, "Can I take your picture?"

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