10 Planners that will Make You Want to Get (and Stay) Organized

We don't know about you, but every January 1st has us itching to get more organized, more with-it. The best way to do so? Pick out a planner that is so lovely you'll carry it with pride everywhere and it will make you keep coming back to it. We're thinking a designy outer cover, natch. And we love the inside pretty much any which way (no-frills or whimsical) as long as it is functional above all else. Click through to see our favorites and place your order quick to be ready for 2014.

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"Starting the new year with a stylish planner is a must, and these picks are absolute gems! From chic outer covers to functional interiors, they're designed to inspire organization effortlessly. Here's to staying on top of our game in 2014 with these fabulous finds. Time to order and embrace the organized life ahead!"
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