Still Loving: Fashion Sweatshirts at Every Price

The reign of the fashion sweatshirt is far-reaching—from high-street shops to the runways—and even if this kind of high-low trend annoys you, you can't help but give it up for the lowly sweatshirt. There's basically no reason to hate: it's warm, it's insanely comfortable, it's easy, and now that it's uber-trendy, there is no end to the market options or ways to wear it. We'd never say no to a super-luxe version (secretly saving our pennies for a piece from Givenchy) but we also love all the other stuff, including both high-end Kenzo and Band of Outsiders and affordable choices from stalwarts Topshop and ASOS. Click through for 10 can't-go-wrong sweatshirts.

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