Louis Vuitton Spring 2014: A Memorable Final Collection from Marc Jacobs



So let's get this out of the way right now: Marc Jacobs is leaving his Louis Vuitton design duties to focus on his own lines. Known for displaying his clothes in extremely elaborate sets, this season was no different—Jacobs' spring backdrop was probably the most intricate-looking Parisian hotel you'll never have the privilege of staying in, complete with indoor carousel and decorative water fountain.

Clothing-wise, the feel was decidedly 90s punk: gravity-defying mohawk wigs (that extended up probably two feet) made of feathers were attached to every model; attitude-heavy leather jackets and cool sparkly logoed tights abounded. That said, it was also unabashedly feminine, accentuating the female form whenever possible. Though all the black was only broken up by light denim ("mom" jeans given the luxury makeover), this collection feels jovial. Heavy in adornment—completely bonkers feather/patch-encrusted jackets, pants, everything—this last-hurrah collection didn't just go big, it went huge.

It's difficult to pick standouts from such a strong, artistic collection. While a lot of it can be valued for its artistic triumphs (mesh bodysuit, mesh evening gown, mesh leggings), there were plenty of real-world pieces in the mix. The aforementioned jackets will probably be seen on editors next Fashion Month, the sparkly sequin logo tights on bloggers and their ilk.

Spring at Louis Vuitton: a beautiful collection that's making us miss Marc already.

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